… an irresistible, post-millennial sonic roux.
— Rick Koster, The Day

Formed in 2010, Burnouts From Outer Space was born from a love of the energy, creativity, and depth that made the ‘70s and ‘80s a golden age of rock & roll. Described by The Day’s Rick Koster as a mix of, “Heroes-era Bowie, Atom Heart Mother-era Pink Floyd, and whatever Hawkwind record works best with mushrooms for you,” Burnouts is the brainchild of veteran drummer-turned-frontman Bobby Crash. 

Equal parts charismatic crooner, paranormal zealot, and exacting taskmaster (think J.K. Simmons in Whiplash, but with a sense of humor), Crash took his time finding the musicians who could bring his vision to life. “We’ve lost many ‘Red Shirts’,” he says, making one of his frequent Star Trek references, “and we owe a lot to those who didn’t make it.”

The lineup includes Crash (lead vocals and percussion), Max Kelly (lead guitar and backup vocals), Pete Barrera (lead and rhythm guitar), Jason Banta (bass and backup vocals), Shane O’Connell (drums), and Pete Anderson (keyboards). When asked if he expects the lineup to change anytime soon, Crash deadpans, “not at the moment, unless you know a really good frontman.”

L-R: Jason Banta, J Curland, Bobby Crash, Max Kelly, Matt Gouette, Pete Barrera

L-R: Jason Banta, J Curland, Bobby Crash, Max Kelly, Matt Gouette, Pete Barrera


The group is currently preparing for a fall release of their debut full-length album, Apollo. With songs about lost love, the origins of Satan, and a romantic picnic under the shadow of a nuclear power plant, the album captures the full range of human emotion.

Already local legends in their hometown of New London, the band is sure to win over legions of new fans with this engaging release, and they look forward to all that the future has in store for them.